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Physical therapy

Another 14 miles of gas mileage for today's doctor's visit. My boss told me to keep a log of all these doctor appointments because I'll need to submit all this info when the paper work comes around.

I was expecting to have one of those painful massages that somebody once described to me after she too injured her wrists/arms from work related tasks. About the only thing I accomplished is the realization that the swelling in my right hand makes my left hand look under neurished.

The exercises I'm supposed to do will doubtfully help me lose any weight. My physical therapist demonstrated simple exercises to strengthen my muscles on my right hand. And, in a nutshell, this is the reason why I haven't been drawing any cartoons of McCain portraying the victimized American and Obama's subtle rejection of compasion for healthy looking people with swollen cheeks and double jointed arthritic arms.

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