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I know you all are going to be happy for me when I say that I found something I thought I had lost forever, or at least until I stopped by the book store to buy another one. I had lost my Oxford dictionary and thought I had left it at a café somewhere. Yesterday I'm digging through my photobasket in search of some really old, old melancholia photos of my teen friends. I found an old picture of a pen pal, Dianne Peterson, from Canada. And just moments after that, I found my dictionary.

Where? On the bookshelf. But I had already checked that bookshelf and, duh, it wasn't there. Well, believe it or not, it was buried underneath a Time magazine compilation dating back to 1940's.

I'm taking a break from zining while I have a couple burritos in front of the TV. I'm watching the second half of Because I said so. The first time I had tried to watch this flick, I just got bored and turned it off. I can't help thinking that somebody, like a little elf, secretly comes into my house to juggle my stuff around. It's an impossible way to live, but it gets me thru those days when I know I misplaced something somewhere, and then when I find it again, I know I had checked there already.

Anyway, I'm compiling 25 pages of a newsletter and I'm thinking of including one or two pictures from my childhood. What if friends find out that their picture is on-line? Well, if you're reading this, or if you read Pilcrow News, and you see yourself, just drop me a line and I'll take it off.

Oh my god, this movie is getting good!


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