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Today was my appointment at the Occupational Health Services Dept. at Kaiser. I was just now reminded about filling out a form compensating for my absence at work. Personally, I don't think I should be docked since this was a work related injury. I left at 2:15pm and didn't return until 6pm. I burned 14 miles in gas going and coming. Driving's a real drag, but the waiting was even worse. It seemed that the waiting period was just a little bit longer than if I had been paying thru my pocket for the health care.

I went to the closest pharmacy in the building but they didn't have one of the drugs. I had to then find my way back to the nurses office to inquire about the therapy. They in turn send me up to the fourth floor. I'm like a little mouse by then, tracking signs of light (and exits) after making an appointment with that department. I find my way out and cross Sunset at Edgemont to check on their supply for my prescription. They'd said at the first pharmacy that I could get it filled at Rite-Aid but I'm not sure if it would be as free as the first bottle of pills I got. So, technically, I had to wait twice as long to fill both bottles. I waited fifteen minutes for the ibuprofen and another fifteen minutes for whatever else I needed.
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