Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

What the hell is brigits_flame?

I understand where your confusion may be. Once in awhile, if you read this blog, you might see a subject title containing incomprehendable verbage with the words brigits_flame. This is an lj community. They've made me feel more than welcome to participate in their monthly contest for creative writers. I won't write creatively unless I'm doing it in screenplay format, and, though I suck at it and lose month after month, everyone seems to be OK with that.

Now I would like you to know that if you enjoy reading the entries I write here in this blog, containing a DIALOG tag, and you want to show your appreciation, I urge you to go thru the painstaking task of admitting yourself in the f-list at brigits_flame, for it is then and only then that you will be permitted to cast a vote in favor of my creativity in liberal arts. In other words, you can vote for me so that I can win win win. I'll try to remember to include a link that might facilitate this process. However, I did so badly this first week of September, I expect I'm going to be free of participating in the brain crunching headaches of writing until October. Yay!


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