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nifty little conversion engine for typesetters

hello, this takes the effort outa the design process of web sites first, followed by the transfer and coding composition of html/css.

Some pretty funky stuff on HBO

Last night was movie night, but instead of popping in a DVD, I checked my TiVo to see what was available. Who am I kidding? Every night is movie night for me. If I don't watch a movie on any given night, it is because the movie makers don't produce them fast enough. So, before I made myself comfortable, I watched a few of the BiTS documentaries on the making of TRUE BLOOD. I think it takes a special person to posses an appreciation for the class of vampire called Nosferatu. According to Shadow of the Vampire, the movie by Murnau, the actual part of the vampire played by Max Schreck was authentically evil. In other words, Schreck claimed to have been a real undead vampire. It would seem that the only mention of a Nosferatu in TRUE BLOOD occurs during the BiTS production where clips of various films depicting a multitude of vampire variations are used for colorful movie stills of the history of the vampire (and Dracula). The sex symbolism used in portraying the elegant, gentleman vampire (black, greased back combed hair) with elongated canines just make me want to rebuke any association I may have developed with the bloodsuckers in my youth. In fact, I had tuned into TRUE BLOOD just before leaving for work the other morning because I'd heard that the opening credits, and music score, were the best part of the show—mediocre at best, but I'll have to watch again in case I missed anything—but I turned it off just after the first vamp reveals his elongated canines as if they were switch blades. Bugger. They'd covered the parallels between christianity and vapires, as well as sexuality. Imagine being aroused sexually and having your little chubby stand at attention like the deadly end of a switchbade, with sound effects and all. After all the BiTS trailers, I start the show. OMG. This is going to be real like Nosferatu because I totally fell for the dental work of Anna Paquin. In the old days, actors and actresses went thru the process of having their teeth capped for large roles such as vampires. It is too much a coincidence that Anna would have two long front teeth just like Nosferatu. That she has a gap between her teeth only makes them more pronounced when she smiles. This, I fear, will end my obsession of BIG LOVE (which is scheduled to return in January 2009. Pfft.

"Now if I can make this damn conversion code to work on Firefox, Safari, etc. I can pat myself on the back and be done with it. It works great in version four (Mac OS 10.4), but 2.x and 3.x (Mac OS 10.3) ? Eh."

The following code goes in your stylesheets
.lW { float: left; clear: left; height: 15px; }
.rW { float: right; clear: right; height: 15px; }
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