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If urban living means rushing to see your shrink…

XTC is a drug I've often wondered about. I seem to remember a time when experimenting was all the rage, but somewhere along the line, I took the straight and narrow path to a drug free consciousness. I don't consider myself a urbanite, though I'm sure the lifestyle is worth looking into. I'm within the age range, I live close enough to downtown and, of course, time flies. It might not be such a difficult transition if I found the right motivation. Psychology Today is printing articles that take a negative perspective on city living.†

Why shrinks prescribe drugs other than what their patients think they need narrows down the image doctors have of their patients. You'd think that a patient can walk into a doctors' office and act crazy expecting a prescription to THC, but the answer is 'no can do'. In this study, beautiful women hold a spell over men that prevents him from fighting the urge to repel his own wife. Whether these men compare their wives to the pictures on magazines, images on TV or platonic relationships, it's my opinion that statistics like these are based on the masses that end up "not getting his or her number one choice, but being more or less satisfied" with the partner they ended up with.

Just as I always found it difficult admitting, in confidence, that dirty magazines in my youth had a lot to do with my "experience", I'm sure this type of behavior still occurs with married couples regardless of their ability to enjoy the luxury of sex on a day by day basis. So, when women say to their men that they dislike it when he goggle at a passing woman or a waitress, it's not because she is feeling insecure and ugly. It is a control issue. If my ex-girlfriend had known that I might've been playing with myself while reading Penthouse magazine, would she have accused me of cheating on her?

Lately, all I've been hearing is Palin's daughter this, and Palin's baby that. Granted, she's a politician and that's what she deserves, but nowhere do I hear the issue of controlling women. Women say to men "I love you" easier than men. With women, it's more difficult to let go and dive into bed with men, whereas men are just the opposite. It's easier to have sex than it is to say "I love you". This kind of thing ties into the love factor and the way women manipulate their men into believing that she is totally devoted to him. Since men are usually the bread winner in a relationship, this type of behavior impels him to get off his ass and find a steady job. That's the bottom line, his dreams go out the window for the sake of their love. Shrinks that say men lose their interest in their wives because they see sexy, beautiful, young women everyday are the same shrinks who'd prescribe drugs to their patients regardless of them having a preference, to the point of requesting it, to weed.

Shrinks lie to their patients so that their patients don't know they're throwing away their money. To avoid getting to know their patients more intimately, not in a sexual manner, in order to find what it is he or she might find to be an interesting hobby, they give him/her drugs so that they have them where they want them. A hobby is all a failing marriage may need, after all. Remember, it was the bread winner who went out and forgot his dreams so that his relationship could survive. It seems to me when the spot light is on the quacks out their who're hording their patients' records as a doctor/patient confidentiality privalege, they publish ludicrous articles about studies that show men are weak against the power of beautiful women. XTC may be a popular drug at rave parties, but the drug I found most excillerating was the joint my ex and I shared from time to time. It was the drug that made me forget that she was too good for me.

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