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Realism in the aftermath footage

Vantage point seemed to contain theories of how a conspiracy might transpire in the assassination of a president. I'll say this, it was difficult to see things from the perspective of a patriot when the killing takes place in a Spanish speaking country. Spanish being my first language may have facilitated subtitles, but it seems the traditional story structure of a nemisis and the overall conflict became difficult to detect.

The DVD just arrived at work and I swear it's one of the more positive aspects of work that I enjoy most. When biz is so slow, I can literally take in a movie. The film isn't that great, though, and yesterday, around the time I decided to go to bed, the neighbors were just wrapping up their own Labor Day celebration. In their leisure of sobering up for the drive home, they decide to light up a few firecrackers. Don't get me wrong, I'm talking about legal fireworks like the Piccolo Pete that whistles up a storm. It is, however, late as hell—close to midnight—when these morons decide to make their racket and I lose interest in falling asleep.

I remind myself how I've been meaning to search out a few movies that I never seem to find time to watch on cable or DVD. I go on-line to this newly discovered site and start my search. Nadja. The devils daughter. Heroine of hell. Believe me, the list goes on. None of these returned any results, but I had one last resort. Death of a president

Nearing the end of this flick, Death of a president, I began to nod off, but I managed to stay awake. It runs like a documentary of the post traumatic behavior of the media after the president is assassinated. Imagine sitting the length of a movie watching what normally might last twenty minutes in a segment of a news magazine program like 20/20 or Dateline. Yet, so convincing was this movie that it left me indifferent to the regular newscast reports I listen to daily on the radio/TV. I felt like the tragic events of the story actually did take place and every channel on your TV contained some version of the same report: the aftermath.

I believe the reason for this is simple. Since it's debut in the Toronto Film Festival, I remember hearing comments that Death of a president would not be available in the U.S., neither in theaters or DVD. So, right from the get-go, I felt I might be breaking one or two small infractions by actually downloading the film for free and watching it on-line anyway. That, and a fearful perspective of a lying government helped increase the realism.

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