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Artsy western wear completely hand-made

Today's blanket sin

These are t-shirts which can now be purchased for 13.00 on They come in two sizes: large and x-large. The red prints come in white fabric (100% cotton) only. The black prints come in off white (light grey, cyan, salmon, etc.) as well as white. This attention grabber attracts views. Whether they are used as jammies or on lazy weekends, you're presence will be noticed with glances and stares of bystanders trying to read off the captions or clarify the starlike arch as holly leaves. This shirt says a lot for a creature that is currently endangered of being extinct.

national ghost

Gymnogyps nosferatus

Don't know what this means? Simple. It's latin for sexy bald bird with wide wing span. That this country doesn't have an official national ghost the way it has a national bird, a national flower, a national anthem only says one thing. Change. Bald eagles are for children, vultures are for grown-ups.

Interested? comment here or send me a text message with your interest to buy buy buy. It is only then that I will put your order on etsy. This bargain will not stand for very long 'cuz I'm anxious to move on to multi-color tees; so tell your friends. Buy them as gifts. Animal lovers will appreciate these fashionable hand printed tees. They're perfect for multi-layer, unbuttoned shirt dressers with a creative attitude. Hurry, this offer won't last forever.

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