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Agoraphobia is the fear of stepping out of doors because of the dangers surrounding city life. One never knows if they might get run over by a drunken driver, or in a head-on collision with one. Road rage could be just as lethal. Getting mugged is another risk one takes from leaving the security of his house. Of course, the odds that any of these things will happen are about as likely as a plane falling on your head in your own house.

I grew up in this neighborhood, so I have the confidence which native Angelinos posses when walking home from a party in the middle of the night. I doubt I'm a severe case of agoraphobia. I can tolerate walking down the street and having a black cat cross my path. I can step on a crack on the pavement and start climbing a flight of stairs with my left foot. But I can't cure my naivety.

Today I caught a glimpse of the tabloid Downtown News as it arrived in the mail at work. Unsure whether it would be a subscription that we might be receiving on a regular basis, I didn't catch the name on the address until I read headlines about Belmont High. Apparently, Dragon balls-e, a nick name I'm going to have to work hard to remember for one of the newer co-workers, has a subscription to it. Anyway, before I completed reading the story on the controversial plot of land where Belmont was originally expected to extend their campus, I placed the rag on Dragon's desk and pulled the article up on-line. My shopping list above will bring you there. BTW, I'm not going shopping for a supplier; I'm wanting to see that movie.

I'm surprised. I thought there were gaseous poisons seeping through the ground. How on earth could something like that be fixed? Or was it. I'm curious to know whether the faculty that staffs this new school scheduled for a grand opening on September 3 will be a bunch of old fogies which could care less about the long term effects of such toxicity. Then, I'm also wondering whether the younger teaching crew might not just do one or two years before high tailing it out of there. And what about the students? Isn't it four long years that they must tolerate before they can leave?

They need a mascot, because after the first year, they plan to have their own football team, their own basketball team, cheer-leading squad, alma mater (whatever that is), and by god, the principle is going to be leaving it up to the student council to select a mascot. What are the odds that somebody will suggest a California Condor? Seems like the ideal symbol IMO considering both the school and the bird suffer from insurmountable odds of survival as a result of industry.

That sexy raptor got a raw deal. It can't eat abandoned game because they get lead poisoning from the bullets. They can't eat people who are murdered from gang violence either because society picks those carcasses right up. I don't suppose requesting my remains to be laid out for these birds as a last request would make a difference either. I just think they're so cute the way they wait for a gush of air to lift them right off the ground and into the sky instead of flapping their lazy, ginormous wings about.

In case you haven't already learned about my attempt to sell stuff on, I managed to create a screen print of a California Condor wearing a laureate of holly leaf. These babies need to be purchased and worn THIS YEAR! as awareness to the politicization of environmental rape for the cause of a better country. Yet, I recall having grown up asking myself why on earth the American Bald Eagle wasn't bald like raptors. Of course, once I identified which bird was which, I couldn't help but feel pride for having such a handsome bird as a national symbol. Now? Well, let's just say bald eagles give me the willies.

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