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Today's blanket sin
used t's-76534329@N00

Every time I tried to wash out the gook from the screen to reveal the transferred image, something would go wrong. I had to wash clean the frame several times to get the hang of this. I had heard, possibly on-line somewhere, that in Los Angeles, hanging your underwear up to dry on a clothes line is illegal. Fancy that. These being my t-shirts kinda fall into the underwear category, but I don't know what the law says about swag. Is a t-shirt still considered underwear if it's swag?

Now I guess I am ready to do some serious summer-fun clothes shopping. As soon as I find a supplier, I'll be putting these cool buzzard tees for sale. I'm calling them "Henry's used tees". As these half dirty dozen dry, I take them down one by one and fold them delicately the way I image they'll soon ship out to discriminating fashion conscious shoppers. Who says a dying species can't be fashionable, anyway?!

Tags: art, calligraphy, illustration

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