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Who's going to be the running mate? That's what's on everybody's mind. Poor Schulz told me that she's thinking of not voting this year. She originally wanted Clinton to win. I doubt that an Obama/Clinton ticket will succeed. The dems should do what they do best, lose. I'm not voting either. Never have, never will (with the exception of the 1998 elections, when my boss explained to me that lots of funding for libraries would result if I voted YES on something) I've been hearing that that sort of thing, suggesting to employees who they should vote for, is wrong. Go figure. Who cares? I'll get up off my ass to vote for a prez when Maria Shriver decides it's time to put this country back to normal. Otherwise, I'm certain there will never, ever be a candidate that I'd be willing to register to vote for. I actually feel that the editorial cartoons I draw from time to time is the closest I'll ever come to voting.

They said, "No mud slinging this time!" but that's all I've been hearing lately. Descriptions of Barack behaving like a pop star, and McCain having the titles to innumerable property means nothing to me. The fact that McCain is too ugly to be in office isn't solving the big question. Are people ready to vote for the greater of two evils? I keep hearing Bush is evil. He's killed so many already like the devil he is, or he's taking away the privacy American citizens used to enjoy. Evil, evil, evil. But why in hell did he win a second term? Because, though people already knew he was evil to have allowed something so disastrous to occur on his watch, nobody wanted to put a new guy in to fix what George W already started.

I'm just saying, if it's ok to allow evil leaders to finish their plans with a second term in office, why not go with the greater for two evils this year?

Influence. I'm in the dark in more ways than one. Today the lights went out at work. I was elated. I wanted to light up some candles to illuminate the counter top with candlelight. I'm a sucker for antiquities. I love the feel of a dip pen on paper. The look. The permanence. I never did figure out what caused the outage, but my mind drifted to that fantasy world I live in and pretended to be living in an age where electricity had not yet been discovered. I calligraphed a couple stencils to be used for the check out process. I spent about an hour in the dark lettering the form in a Times Roman script using a calligraphy pen.

It's days like that I can really appreciate where I work. What I can't make sense out of is the way I spent so much time lettering words with care, but when it came time to use the form, I wrote in a script only readable by me. I'm not that careless when I write for speed. Back when I was in high school, I signed the year book of a very special friend of mine. I practically filled the page with text, and what happened was, my hand got tired and the lettering all went to hell. I've kicked myself for that every since. Now it seems I dislike that ever popular teenager handwriting to the point of using a German script which upholds the basic principals of the alphabet, but also utilizes some outdated curves that seem totally foreign to my American counterpart. If my boss had seen this awful Sutterlin script I was using, be sure that I wouldn't have heard the end of it. I have to work on fixing that.

I noticed books on the muslim religion and Afghanistan were quite popular when this country invaded Iraq. The same is true for other calamities like Hurrican Katrina, 9-11, Columbine. Teachers praise book reports on subjects related to current events, it seems. It's very interesting how students, eager to expand their minds, solicit the bibliotechy for books on Malcolm-x, Cults, Global warming, etc. when something major happens like the first woman running for prez, the first African/American running for prez.

I've been ignoring current events in an effort to develop a new skill in screen printing. It's not easy! It's the reason I haven't uploaded anything for Illustration Friday. I feel silly about the pictures I draw when they aren't syndicate material. I write for publication, not for self satisfaction. Self satisfaction is what I get when I'm not trying to be funny, but people laugh anyway. I'm working on a picture of a condor for a t-shirt print, but I don't know how that will turn out. Right now I'm just trying to transfer any image onto a canvass successfully. Above you'll see the mess I'm making when I fumble the wood blocks back to their drying post and lay the screen down momentarily to even out the gook on the back side. This result in the newspapers getting sticky. It's my third attempt and I'm running low on gook for a fourth try. It doesn't help that the neighbors are picky about the chemicals I seem to be letting run into the ground.

Here kitty, kitty, kitty!


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