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Which film did I like best?

When Pineapple express was released on a Wednesday, I had heard the reasoning for this was so that it wouldn't compete with the other new releases normally debuting on Friday. Somebody said "What new releases?" but nobody seemed to know. That week, Friday was the opening day for Transsiberian. Also opening that week, or maybe the week after, was Vicky Christina Barcelona. But wait! That same week I discovered that somebody uploaded the film An American crime which I'd been patiently waiting for since July 2007. #

Out of sheer boredom from having nothing to watch on TV, nothing to look forward to in entertainment, I began channel surfing and watching almost anything. One of the miscellaneous programs I stumbled upon was something called Gunslinger Girl, a cartoon/anime based on a child orphanage agency in Italy. How cool is that? So, I'm very happy with the way summer of movies, 2008, has chippered in drama themes. I still haven't seen Pineapple express. Am I waiting for a DVD?

Hmn. I love the adventure of Transsiberian. I've grown a new interest to the old locomotive coal burning trains since I fathomed a cartoon about fuel shortages in that I depict a train engineer making stops along his route to pick up dead people and swoop them into the fire chamber of his coal burning train. This totally has nothing to do with the movie Transsiberian, but footage of Russian landmarks is always a treat.

Then there is the film Vicky Christina Barcelona which is a Woody Allen movie. It's probably the movie that gives me a new found appreciation for Woody Allen flicks. Most of his stuff seems on the chick flick side, but I'm sure there are many a machismo who would bare to differ. This film has realism to violence above the fantasy adventure of Transsiberian. A bit duller but something that could happen in realy life in Spain. I was fortunate to be in the same theater where a boisterous laugher amicably burst into cackles at those subtle funny parts of the film that tend to go over my head when a film is entirely in the English language. I enjoyed listening to the Spanish artist character lisp his "sh" words with his two front teeth, as though pronouncing "th", though I still think it's cuter when women do that.

An American crime was good on a whole different level. It was like having a girlfriend who makes her boyfriend wait and wait and wait for sex until after they're married. Then, the couple splits up and because no marriage resulted in the relationship, the guy is out of what, in his mind, was coming to him. That's how I was with this flick that I tracked on IMDB. It never seemed to get released on the day the peeps at IMDB, or the discussion forum participants claimed it would be according to their inside connections. And Showtime costs an additional arm and a leg on my salary, so that was out of the question. Then, I discover a free movie site and the first thing I do is search out An American crime. This in itself was karma because I was at the breaking point pessimistically dreading that, after all the waiting, an actors strike might ensue. But no, there hasn't been a strike, and that's what I love about Catherine Keener films. She makes them at exactly the right time, or I see them when I should be seeing them. Something like that.

Which did I like best? Are you kidding? An American crime

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