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One of the guys I work with has a regular surfing guide for popular sites on the web. So, if you haven't already heard of one of his sites, and I mean visited it and tried it out for youself, then you're probably going to get something out of my description of it. Perhaps I should create a tag other than url to signify the sites I come across from his suggestions.

CK is in a daring exhibit of effective grassroots acting in this docudrama about a 1965 incident in Indiana. All throughout her scenes with Ellen Page, I felt as though CK's lines were double speak and carefully worded to address Ellen in two frames of mind. One in character as Gerdy Baniszewski, and second as Emmy nominated actress Catherine Keener. Her scene can be compared, I suppose, to a politician making promises one moment, but meaning something vague and generalized the next.

This movie An American crime never had the opportunity to premier in theaters. This movie, as far as I can remember, has little to nothing in the way of profanity and nudity. It will be something to see and compare your DVD version to, out (i think) August 19, when this all American story is released on local network TV. Instead, the debut for An American crime was on Showtime (probably back in February 2008). Because I'm not rich, I can't afford showtime and 've been patiently awaiting a DVD release.

Ironically, the website that I discreetly inked in fraktur calligraphy in this headline came up at work when somebody asked me if I had Netflix. I had been searching half heartedly for opportunities to get an early copy of this film from various entertainment providers: pay per view, hbo, netflix, etc. I think this movie, which came up for a nominee award for best actress in a miniseries/indy film, is the direction CK could take for a film that might compensate for taking under consideration the debauchery of the censors.

If I was president, and I had to take over where George W. left off, I would re-establish Halloween as a national holiday and allow for the uncut televised broadcast of An American crime. Note your calendars. This is a must see for CK fans!

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