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Crows, full moons, and telephone wires

Guess what? I got over the flu bug I had, (and I`m still alive) and I didn`t get a chance to visit my doctor on Monday. I don`t know exactly how HMOs work, but when I called the appointment line, the answering machine said they were closed until Monday. Now I just gotta do something for my headaches.
          Got off the phone early last night. You know I can stay on till all hours of the night with nothing to say. And I can talk about anything with no relevancy to something whatsoever. But worked on my chops (like I have any), and went to bed at about midnight with DC on my mind. I wanted to sleep by the phone in case I received a late call. For some (unknown) reason, the bell on my phone doesn`t seem as loud as it use to be…

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