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A new gig

I have some good news to lighten the mood from so much fuckery. I may have found a *new* client who is interested in my web design skills. Perhaps I'm just being cocky. I'm not even sure if I have it in me to finish the project. I'm one of those who starts a project and never finishes it. Just thinking of the neglect my poor great American screenplay will suffer makes me want to stop, but everything is interlinked, and if I must postpone my writing, it is only because I didn't learn English in school to be able to complete my story in a timely manner.

I just got finished figuring out the most common 3-letter words (or 2-ltr) that are used to start a sentence in my entries. I printed a couple in fraktur "The, An, I'm, One, etc." but I doubt I'll be using them as dropcaps to start off an entry. I'm thinking of taking up illumination because my dropcaps look so dull. They need some color and leafy lines to chear things up.

Incidentally, I've already lost yet another "note to self" from the page. Every time I ad a new note, my other notes get erased. I guess I'm not using that feature the way it was intended to be used.

The project is simple enough. I'm supposed to develop the blog for a friend. Pretty basic stuff, right? You see this done all the time as a geek's method to get close to girls. I've spent years tweaking QHB and I'm confident enough with css to tackle the most complex tasks. I am qualified! The project will be dummied up in blogger which is interlinked with my friend's g-mail account. I figure, as soon as I put together the code and the graphics, I can present it to her and see what she thinks. Honestly though, I don't think web design is as easy as 1-2-3 PRESTO it's done. That's like using the shell templates which come in bundled software with your latest operating system; SO predictable and limited.

I'm one to talk. It took that iWeb software, and many other html exporting features from basic word processing programs, to really get a handle on html. I literally feel like a student who never quit school, sometimes. It wouldn't be so bad if I had one or two feminine co–ed peers to study with.

I see this opportunity as a way to get things rolling in my own aspiration to build fan sites.

Oh,… I was going to lead into the concept of devoting one's self to the cause entailed in designing a dedicated blog site. Because as I continuously tweak away at my blog (at least 2 or 3 times per year), The glyphs and icons I've found seem to be relevant to my cause. (i.e. the little 3-pointed asterisk-like symbol next to my links list is symbolic of the Japanese god of war. It's also the design on my My dying bride CD. Who knew?) I certainly wouldn't have known that war would be symbolic to my blog, but considering one of my first user icons I uploaded, and still use, is a family crest with a Latin root meaning "Accustomed to war", how could it not be related? When I was designing this crappy excuse for a blog, it's impossible to have all these minute details in mind. Especially for noobs. It took a good long while to understand the concept of css before I felt confident that placing leader symbol before each link, in the sidebar, was being undertaken properly. That's the frame of mind I need to be in for this new project. The topic is incense. It's a touchy subject. It sounds a lot like incest, but make no mistake. When I was down on my luck in search of a source of income, who was it that stretched out a lending hand? the little artisan shopping center along Hollywood Blvd that sold imported products from Africa and kept reminding me to wash my hands after I used the facilities. Leaflet disbursement is an artform.


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