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American Teen

Nin theatres, I must've been expecting a the characters to leap of the screen into the real world. Either I expect too much, or I just don't analyze the films I'm interested in seeing as effective as I thought I did. There is a point a person reaches upon reading synopses upon movie synopsis when the grim realism that nothing of interest is playing in your local theatre sets in. That's when I look for interesting bands to see. God knows if I don't find something to spend my money on, I'll just be useless to anyone.

This film is not yet rated sounds about as good as anything else I've been watching on TV. It is a take on the Michael Moore films but targeted at the MPAA, the organization that designated whether a movie is rated R or PG13. Despite this film being a documentary, it doesn't inhibit the use of nude scenes.

I didn't know American Teen wasn't going to be a christian version of PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, and when I realize that this is a documentary, I'm ready to call it nap time. The only good point I could see about this film is that there would be no teens in the theatre house with me making me feel inferior about my age. Where American Teen lacks in nudity and sexual situations, This film is not yet rated makes up for.

As far as I'm concerned, the MPAA and the FCC are one in the same. The only difference is in the editing technique. The MPAA impels editing and the FCC butchers films. I barely find some interest in the characters of American to relate with and hold my interest. What caught my interest in going to see this was the description of teens unable to cope with indecision and identity. That was me as a teen. So it wasn't a total loss.
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