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Big head, soft 'S'

My ever expanding brain learned something today. The extended European character ſ is nearly impossible to type with Western keyboard settings. (SEE large symbol for soft "s" below) So, I either have to remember the hexadecimal equivalent ſ or the decimal equivalent ſ and type that into the "post an entry" field so that I can PREVIEW it and copy and paste it up to the location field, or I can memorize this squence of letters and type it in directly: %c5%bf

Did you know my friends in school nicknamed me big head? and kabbaise? the anglosyzed pronounciation of the Spanish for head, cabeza.

I can't figure out why the location field in my browser won't accept this urlhttp ://ſ for this TAGGED page but when I copy and paste the symbol ſ onto the url like so,ſ, after the page loads, the url changes to AND/OR VICE-A-VERSA.
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