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Gunslinger girls

I have a scary chick in high heals as my wallpaper. It is a clipping of Safron Burrows from the movie Fay Grim. I think I've moved on in the cartoon department. I've stopped tuning in to Family guy in exchange for Gunslinger girl I like the names of the characters. All throughout my school days I went by the name ヘンリエッタ with the exception of its feminine extension. I guess that would be ヘンリー.

Before my school days, and during that era, I was better known as リコ to my relatives and close friends. However, hardly anybody used it outside family gatherings. I even had a cousin two years older than I who I would see at school infrequently. Perhaps the oddity of knowing me as リコ but having to use ヘンリー was an issue because I don't talk to him anymore. These translations were found in wikipedia's entry for the comic book Gunslinger girls. It has a bizarre plot.

This cartoon kind of reminds me of the camel cigaret commercials that were banned because they seemed to be focusing on hooking children into smoking. Also, the Nazi youth comes to mind here. The wikipedia site contains various links to the different fire arms that are used in the comic books as well as the cartoon series. The main characters have grim backgrounds, for being children, but it seems to be taking a spin on the Bionic woman/Six million dollar man TV series. The main difference is that it is children who are doing the dirty work.

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