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Bring your own bag(s) on July 2010

(click for illustration) I despised school so much back in the 90's and I couldn't wait until it all ended, but it did so prematurely as I dropped out for lack of money. I'm constantly reminded of my stupidity whenever a librarian suggests that I go back to school and try to complete an MA in library science. I don't know why I would ever want to be a librarian, and I've come to interpret such suggestions as a ploy to receive some kind of commission whenever a librarian convinces an employee to go to college. I would be willing to return to school, but it would be under the condition that I focus not on library science, but on music theory, guitar, art, etc. (I miss those days when I could sit myself down in front of a nude model and just doodle the time away).

After I completed a few calligraphy courses, I felt ready to earn some money labeling envelopes. Business was always slow in that department. I've heard some seasoned calligraphers say to their apprentices never to sell them self short. Now that I reinterpreted as a ploy to keep new talent from stealing their clients. After all, if a person is shopping for something and he sees two identical items for the same price but one of them is a designer label item, the choice is easy. That leaves young calligraphers broke and on verge to lower their prices.

Now I just spend as much time as I can on my editorial cartoons. Although it would be nice to have some compensation for my time, I have yet to look into that with syndicates or small presses. I'm not a secretary and my organization skills lack that special sophistication.

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