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How-to DVDs

Have you ever had your conscience bother you because you kinda manipulated the system? Well, normally I would owe quite a bit in overdue stipends, but since this incident was an inside job, I`m fee free from paying late charges for returning a late video. The reason I`m feeling like an ass is because I returned a how-to DVD without the booklet and just discovered today that I had it propped up against a music stand. Of course, I`m going to return it right away which kinda lessens the guiltiness I feel, but I still feel like an ass.
          Things like this happen every day and when I see it, I get frustrated at the general public. Peeps to be precise. Maybe I would forget altogether to return this small pamphlet, imperative in completing the Monster Guitar course for Vol. 1, if I became convinced that the video was no longer an item that the library system showed I am still in possession of (ha-ha, the perks of being employed with the city). Unreturned items could accumulate quite a bit of money; so much so, it would probably be worth it to just go out and get myself my own copy at a music ⁄ video story. I don`t know. It is a nice booklet. Since I still have it, maybe I should run copies.

Monster Guitar Method — Notation Booklet
DVD 787.61 M7565-1
Published by Arustry Home Entertainment</blockquote>
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