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Trials and tribune rations

Let's take a look at Harvey involved Hollywood films that I've seen, enjoyed and frankly would watch again and again.


There are many other movies that Harvey was involved with that I am aware of which I've screened, but I only selected the ones that

  1. I've watched and enjoyed
  2. I would sit through another screening
  3. I believe other movie fans who are into these genres would enjoy as well

Early on in my blogging ventures, many years ago, I may have mentioned some interest in The legal transactions that take precedence before a movie is finally released for public consumption. I know nothing about law, but my interest in the disputes of who gets credit for what fascinated me because I write too and nothing else could ever compare to being published as a screenwriter. I never imagined that such a high profile case like the #metoo movement's persecution of Harvey Weinstein would answer to my desire to be in the know of Hollywood secrets.

Back on 1992, I didn't even have a blog, but Reservoir Dogs was a film I definitely didn't catch while it was still being premiered in theaters. I don't have a memory for when and where I did sit thru it. Back in the 90's I was struggling to survive, making feeble attempts at holding down jobs that would finance my education. For some odd reason, I thought I could achieve success as a commercial artist. Blech.

Quentin Tarantino was a name being tossed around in those days, but I wasn't making any connections back then to screenwriting goals. The most I made of Quentin was his odd name which I had never heard before. Tarantino brought reflections of spiders, classical music and maybe a melancholy wonder over what had become of a friend named Dino.

1994 was still a challenge for me in the education department. I was sick of school and two years later, upon finding a steady job, I decided to quit school. I didn't have money, so I didn't go to the theater often. Pulp fiction is another film that I probably screened on HBO or some other streaming service (Blockbuster Videos comes to mind)

Pulp, I recall, never did relate to the fine science of paper making as much as the comic book artist I was reading in those days. Paul Pope's THB.

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Somewhere I had heard that screenwriters only get into this business for the sex. That rang true, seeing that so many women came out with allegations against Harvey. I can imagine all these HW writers suffering demands for minor changes to their script. At least those whom aren't named Quentin. Maybe Harvey needed a way to insert an actor/actress into a film script and the only way he saw to manage this was thru bullying writers to create a new character. "No change, no production. Simple as that!" I can almost hear this said in Harvey's voice. The worse thing about this kind of Hollywood haggling is I'm almost certain that whatever Harvey had his writers edit out of his films was the policemen dressed in hot pink uniforms.

Inglorious Basterds, Django unchained, and The hateful eight, a span of 6 years but here I am, lonely as ever. I'm going to call bullshit on the rumored extraordinary sex lives that screenwriters lead. Maybe I should default to song writing. I think there's less politics involved. Harvey does reminds me of a bully from my own experience growing up in L.A. public schools. That's why I have a fascination in his rape trial. I am going to gloat the first time I see photos of Harvey after he receives his sentencing. I dunno why but, isn't it odd how the media uses all the old photos that were published from the New York rape trial?

I'm sure I'll send Harvey a letter or two with samples of my screenplay when he has nothing better to do but read on his jail cell. How could he miss them? I publish all my ideas on #tmtwngm.