June 16th, 2022


Taking a break from reading before I nod off

My new 2-song playlist might not be the most harmonizing songs to loop, but I really like the way the lyrics take on AOR structure. I don't believe in vampires, nor am I a fan. If I had to choose a Halloween costume, my first choice would be a werewolf followed by a zombie.

Dark shadows seems to maintain that stereotypical ritzy, high society concept that Dracula portrays in my mind. Then again, I was a big fan of vampires when I was growing up watching the black & white Bella Lugosi films.

I am looping the Misfits live version of that song because it ends with vocals wishing the audience a happy Halloween. This kind of breaks the fast pace tempo long enough for the transition to Gonna kill u. Does anybody take Gwar serious as a band? I mean, aren't they a bit like Tenacious D?

Sometimes I just worry how my readers might interpret a song with lyrics like Gonna kill u. This has to be the one song I know of by Gwar that alludes to the parody their songwriting style takes on. While I love the deep throaty vocals, the singer also has a touch of hillbilly, redneck undertones. It makes me grin yet I can't stop grooving to the melody.

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