May 13th, 2022On this day in different years


Update: status on gut. Hernia downgraded to rip in muscle tissue

You know what I need? I think I need one of those girdles that old timer motorcycle bikers had worn in the 70's so their internal organs didn't bounce around so much from the vibration of their hard-tail Harley engines. A quick google search on that resulted in nothing; so in the meantime, when I sneeze, I clutch my own stomach to reduce the violence of movement from sneezing. This will be my normal way of sneezing to control the convulsive bouncing underneath my ribcage. At least until the pain goes away. Or maybe over time the pain will numb. 

My doctor assured me that if I had injured my spleen, I probably wouldn't be around to talk about it now after full week of injuring myself.

No lifting more than 25lbs. Doctor's orders.

Google says that a swollen spleen takes several weeks to heal. My doctor will see me in three months for a follow up. That's approximately the time it takes to heal a spleen. I don't really care if this malady is a rip in muscle tissue underneath my rib cage, or an intenstin stuck between muscle tissue, or even a slightly hurt spleen. The assurance that my doctor doesn't believe it's as serious as a spleen relieves some anxiety. I don't have to worry that drinking alcohol might delay recovery time of a swollen spleen.

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