January 4th, 2022


Halyna Hutchins

As much as I try to use the Giphy app, I just can't make selected gifs animate properly (here on lj) as a user pic. Damn!


Sometime last year a co-worker and I were talking on the subject of film. It was the Harvey Weinstein debacle that sparked the topic. I recal expressing my opinion on stuff like film industry corruption. In a nutshell, I've always believed that artists have to resort to basic resources when they aren't yet famous. An example might be utilizing prostitutes as models for life drawing sessions instead of real "nude" models. So, keeping that idea in mind, directors of motion pictures might behave similarly. When a nude scene is required, it's much easier to convince a porn actress to play the part rather increase the salary of a B-list actress. You see this type of behavior in Game of Thrones with Sibel Kikelli in the role of Shae.

As soon as the nudity is no longer needed, the director kills off the character.

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