October 9th, 2021


Remembering Save the Cat series. Wondering why I tossed my copies as I struggle to recall beat sheet

I've decided. It's time to move forward in my learning venture to write a readable screenplay. Up 'til this point I've only written scenes no longer than the length of a sequence and, although I still had the main plot in back of my mind, all the work on the manual typewriter hacking out scene after scene… none of it works to comprise a single story.

This time around I'll be utilizing outlines, index cards, and Save the Cat series' beat sheet, old recycled scenes, Logline, Celtx, etc. Main object for this November is to composite 90 pages that flow-as-a-whole (Flojo.) I've got a few blogs to refer to when I get stuck. To keep things simple, I'll only use the 3-act structure as described in STC.

I'm using Logline to put things together with notes, beat sheet headings, etc. This site is helping with markup.

Plus, apps like Logline and Celtx Script assist in my ongoing writing career
Plus, apps like Logline and Celtx Script assist in my ongoing writing career

The pound (#) sign, if I should decide it's necessary to print laser-style, is used in .fountain to write a scene; very likely I'll be taking more notes on the notes using the iPad. I've been scanning with the new iOS camera feature (copy and paste) to scan the calligraphy captions. I prefer the desk scanner for Manual Typewriter hard copies. I'm already dreading clearing off the heaps of paper, bills, junk mail, etc. which I've accumulated to access the scanner which is buried underneath it all — times like these I wish I had somebody around to fuck with on top of my desk. Nothing like passion clear off my desk, I always says.

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