September 23rd, 2021


Psyching myself out for my second vaccination this weekend — gonna feel sick, feel sick, false alarm

Hopefully all goes well. I'm not squeamish about needles, but when you think about it, there's not too much difference between a penis ejaculating inside another person's body, and a needle expressing a chemical formula liquid into another person's body; and that's where I draw the line on willingly receiving flu shots.

I'm looking at my PC. It sits on a desk in the dining room. Nobody dines in the dining room. It hasn't been used for that purpose in years. It's a cluttered mess in here. boxes of junk, more boxes of junk, papers strewn everywhere, disorganization galore. But I can sit behind my desk, look at my computer and access more junk files in folder, and try to write. I do have ample elbow room for that purpose.

I have two apps on here that I'm eyeballing. Celtx, which I hear has an index card feature. Celtx is good because you can access your files from the cloud and Celtx has apps that work for desktop 'puters as well a mobile devices. Honestly though, I had to download a separate Celtx app for my mobile device. I have yet to use it, and I have yet to figure out where the index card feature resides in the desktop computer version. Meanwhile, I'm eager to explore Logline. That SON OF A BITCH cost me $25.

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