July 8th, 2021


Tiki Ti has re-opened after pandemic closure of 2020

The entrance ashtray
The entrance ashtray

My city hike begins at Duane Street where the Glnd Fwy (2) ends and merged with Glendale Blvd. I don't have the route memorized and am constantly second guessing myself over which street to turn take but the more I take this route, the easier it's should get to memorize. At least I'm not carrying around a map with the street names anymore. Now I just enjoy the scenery. Duane St is the first of the steep hills in a westerly direction toward Silver Lake Dog Park.
It would be a nice walk for the dog, but I usually walk to Duane St from home at that in itself would probably be the extent of what the dog might be willing to tolerate.
I turn left onto Silver Lake Blvd and right at the next street, Van Pelt Place. At this point, I'm looking up to find any oak trees with little results. From Van Pelt Pl. it's a zig-zaggy right turn on Silver Lake Drive which ends at Redesdale Avenue.

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