June 13th, 2021


Walnut ink on bond paper

Milo the Rothbury Terrier mix's summer spot, and I wish I had a hammock
Milo the Rothbury Terrier mix's summer spot, and I wish I had a hammock

This ink is not water resistant. It flows nicely with my calligraphy dip pens. I haven't yet tried using it as a watercolor for brushes. I would like to spend some time doing that, but I guess it would take some prep time because I'm so use to cross-hatching.

This quick doodle was done from memory. This is the "sweet" lime tree my pops planted way back when. I had gone in and turned the soil back in February only to realize, after the seed took root, that I missed a large quantity of area which now appears to frame all the greenery with ugly brown dirt.  It was then, in May, that I decided I should take notes on this stuff. So, after I took to the bare spots and cultivated the soil, weeding out the weeds, I planted more shade tolerate grass seed around the edges.

I see Milo from time to time escaping the heat of summer by hunkering down underneath a tangerine tree, which I attempted to grow this shade tolerant seed.  However, it didn't take as well as it did underneath the lime tree. I plan on trying that again, but I dunno if it's a good idea now that we're well into summer. And my back! ugh. My doctor totally overlooked my request for a chiropractor referral, and instead referred me to a neurologist who wants to roter-rooter my asshole. This journaling with nib pens and medieval ink recipes is fine for rambling and filling my blog with regular updates, but what I really want to do is storyboards. 

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