June 3rd, 2021


48 drafts, new tags, max headroom, my back is killing me, etc.

One of the features I like about this blogging platform is the way the new editor allows for saving drafts.  I'm still trying to get use to not inserting tags to text I want underlined <ul>, bold <b>, italicized <i>, etc.

clavical scar img search ( #offensiveencounters #barrenchurchlady #excomm_1st_ammendment_photographers )
clavical scar img search ( #offensiveencounters #barrenchurchlady #excomm_1st_ammendment_photographers )

What's funnier, watching the way the Prez walks, or surfing the web (social media-ing) and constantly stumbling onto news updates describing the leader of the Minneapolis four, after roughly 40+ days in solitude/prison, requesting to be free from behind bars and permitted to do his time by being placed on probation?  Huh-whu.~

I was hoping to catch a glimpse of what a month has done to the beast within as I understand he was zooming in a room with a concrete wall in the background, orange jumpsuit, etc. I couldn't find any new pix.  A couple of new articles covering the federal indictment hearing describe the degenerate as being held in a state facility, under federal custody.  I dunno about anybody else, but I'm feeling a vibe that a federal prosecution might run the trial as a domestic terrorism case; the only possible outcome in a guilty verdict being a last cigarette.

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