May 8th, 2021

heaven et hell

Here's another comparison drawing

Mark of the beast
Mark of the beast

This year I had to plan ahead for Mom's dray one day early. Last year she went ahead and made plans without me. And that's okay too! And all I really did was fix her a handburger. A bar- B - -que burger

Anyway, it worked out fine this year as I never celebrate shite. I mean, I have been sitting on the lounge chair listening to my tunes. I lit some incense outside as already am seeing mosquitoes ugh. Had a beer. Happy early mom's day. Especially to my current favorite podcaster Annie Hardy.

Reading my Social Media while playlist is on a loop. Big deal. Then I see something about genetically modified mosquitoes being released in Florida. WTF? But then my mind starts up with how similar is being pricked with a needle to having the sign /number of the beast printed on you, rather being marked on you?

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