February 5th, 2021


Do it yourself -- how to watch TV

I'm beginning to wonder whether I could ever watch TV again, comfortably, without surround sounds. But I went out and purchased yet another modem because I was getting tired of the constant interruptions for buffering. Even when I called my IP to troubleshoot, they didn't find anything irregular in the speed. But whatever, the old modem was getting old. And I don't use my IP's modem because I don't like the way they troubleshoot over the phone...

Reboot this, unplug that; I check these things before I call for tech support, but''nuff said. Those creeps, the techs, fixing my shit by providing there own handy dandy modem -- Get your handy dandy modem, Folks! Just one dollar by the month -- no doubt they've dug their fingers in there, testing the new spy gadgets the computer world is so fond of doing. No modem, my good IP, sir. Thank you sir, but if you please, sir.. say what would be the requirements needed to fulfill your piping your signal thru my house?

And I could go on, but I get the best high tech modem. And it works.

But you see, it never fails that streaming movies over TV series , whether HBO/HBO MAX movies, or Netflix, Hulu, Prime, etc. movies always...

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