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Blue moons

A blue moon happens when a single month contains a complete lunar cycle and the full moon occurs twice, once near the beginning of the month, and a second time (blue moon) nearing the end of the month. When I look up at the full moon, what do I see? Well, if I am looking at it when it is positioned as I've always known it to be (from the northern hemisphere and not upside down), I see JFK's head.

I wonder whether the half dollar was originally design to reflect the resemblance of the moon. The profile shown on the coin is in the same direction in which I see his silhouette on the moon. I guess you have to have a vivid imagination to fill in the gaps but I'm not alone in seeing the profile of a head. Here are some links that show similar visions. Why they don't emphasize the resemblance to JFK, I'll never know.

Man in the moon
moon illusions

I stumbled onto this from an entry that popped up in google after a feeble search for info on the chinese frog that is seen from the people in the far east. And, in turn, other blog entries addressing these illusions


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