August 14th, 2020

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VintageCamera and 1998Cam
InstaMini - 3.33MB (time to delete app)
InstaMini - 3.33MB (time to delete app)

My Android has several camera apps.  Each app has its perks, but right now I'm just looking for something comparible to BitCam (iOS), because of its stylish screen effect and low memory consumption.  The problem I have with most of the camera apps on my Andoid is wide range of sharing options.  Since I can't remember how and what I need to do to share my pix on the fly AND uploading to <strong>lj</strong>, I'm incorporating an app called Monospace for taking my notes.

I remember when I was looking for text apps that would ease the pain of creating html hyperlinks thru photoshop.  InstaMini can be configured to save on the cloud.  It's weird that I thought I had that same cloud on my desktop, but somehow the same photos that get saved to Google Photos aren't synched with the photos I have on my laptop.  Whether my pix were manually or automatically saved to the cloud, if I use the google link to share my photos on livejournal, the photos do not get downloaded to my lj Scrapbook.  So, what that means to me is, the chances those photos will some day get lost from a system reset, or a new phone, are different from the photos that get saved to the SD card.  (I'll talk about those apps in my next update)

There's two different ways I upload images into my updates. One uses css layers. The other simply includes the alignment configuration of the <img src> tag. Using html img src align tag is so much easier and I can use that for photos taken with the InstaMini app since it incorporates a frame with each photo. Only problem is the memory it uses. I can only see it's application for high quality exposures. I'll have to try it in dark environments when the flash is necessary to see whether it's worth the effort. I have one of those analog, toycamera, instant cameras and it isn't easy to get a clear image. Especially when the flash is required. If it works out, I'm sure I'll be looking for a similar app on the iphone.

screenwriter, Kightlinger, hate

The external camera app pix

1998Cam - 657.2 KB (looks promising. needs some effects)

1998Cam - 657.2 KB (looks promising. needs some effects)

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Cosa Buona 163.74 KB
Pkg lot at Cosa Buona

I don't know if I like the time stamp the Android phone app uses, but at least it's an obvious identifier from all the other apps.

The livejournal app is my preferred server for sharing my pix but on the Android, pix get saved to the external SD card and transferring from phone to lj Scrapbook can be time consuming (like when the iPhone's BitCam always defaults to rotating my photos as if I was using landscape mode; so for every BitCam exposure I take, I have to go into the file, select edit, rotate and rotate the file 90 degrees clockwise. It's a pain in the neck.

While I walked to lunch today, I had the perfect opportunity to take a picture of the cook at Cosa Buona loading in the firewood they use for their wood fire oven pizzas. Why didn't I take the shot? I'm going to go with bashfulness. And the fact, these days, if you take a picture of a person's face, you pretty much have to get their signature on a release form so nobody files a suit against you because they can. I don't usually take compromising pictures of people and if strangers end up in my photographs, it's only because I didn't want to wait until they moved out of the way.

The back entrance of this pizza joint, IMO, is much more appealing to the discerning eye in composition and framing of photographs than the front entrance. I rememember when this mom and pop pizzeria was called Pizza Boza and was the only local pizzaria anyone ordered from before Pizza Hut and Dominoes dominated the fast food pizza industry.

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BlackCam takes the prize. Bundled Android Camera app settings close second

BlackCam winner of BitCam rival search
black & white photo
Exposure size 86.68KB

BlackCam app

Out of all the apps I downloaded on my Android, in search for a BitCam equivalent, BlackCam seems to be the closest in comparison to them all. I like the special effects, vignettes, vintage flaws and spec and light leaks but all that stuff uses up memory. And me being the suspicious type, I cannot fully grasp how and why more memory would be used to create those effects when a cheap vintage camera can do it for half the amount of memory after the photo is scanned into the computer. What I don't like, and immediated deleted the app for, is when an add pops up an app after each photo, or limits the amount of pictures one can take per day.

Sometimes an app would simply crash on start-up. Those would get deleted too. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any camera apps that duplicate the black and white effect quite the way Bitcam does with it's screened effect giving the photos a pixelated look. And I'm using the term in an 80's sense, when printers used screened prints, or illustrators were asked to create a realistic picture using stippling.

All of these black and white photos I'm taking are mainly for my own reference for subjects to draw and paint. Although there was a time that I wanted to be a painter/artist, I never agreed with the idea of sitting in a park with an isle a stool and a small table of watercolors to paint on site. Perhaps it might be more appealing to me when I retire. Los Angeles has many landmarks to just people watch while I slowly paint a picture of the horizon.

Built-in Anroid Cam app
black & white photo
Exposure size 200.64KB

Android's Built-in Camera

I guess the reason I can easily disregard the special effects the other apps offer is because I try to capture images the same way a gunslingers tries to shoot his enemy dead in the middle of the street during a gun fight. Fast. I need an app to start-up easily and quickly. I don't need adds to close before the app starts. These days, I keep my camera in my hand when I'm anywhere in town. Mostly, I've decided whenever I see a cop, this would make for good practice to get the camera and use an exposure. I've heard that the police these days hang their heads to avoid eye contact with others, which is a complete change from the old days when making eye contact with a law enforcement officer made a person recoil. Since it's highly unlikely I'd ever capture an exposure of a cop abusing his power, especially since my camera will default to black & white, low resolution exposures, I look forward to one day getting a clear full portait picture of a cops face cowering away from recognition. Perhaps if I get one of those, with the right composition, the right shadows, etc. I will be able to sell it to Time magazine.

Here is where the dilemma over which app to use, the built-in Andoid Camera or BlackCam. I can rely on the built-in camera to boot up directly. No adds, no special settins that need to be made, and post-picture processes needed to get the image to the SD card. So far, BlackCam functions the same way when booted up. It's already set for a black & white exposure and it's configured to save my picture to the SD card. The volume button has also been configured to function as the exposure button. The only difference between the two apps is this: BlackCam doesn't log GPS data, the built-in camera does.

I don't be deleting the InstaMini camera app because I like the borders it creates. It's exactly what I am looking for for the blog, something that gives the illustion that a polaroid photo was attached to a cumpled piece of paper.