June 8th, 2020


| of the things | do is chill and listen to freaky stories on radio format

tonight's tkon episode sounded like it was supposed to be good.

Anybody notice unusual windy weather that abruptly stops. What's up with that?

Yah, Heather Wade. I let my mind relapse to my fantastical youth. Is made friends with the coolest girl in school. Busy, studious,..

I was so in love with her, I think I felt sick when she bore her first child; And there's no way I could have known she was even pregnant because since high school, I haven't had any friends.
screenwriter, Kightlinger, hate

girls, models, little ppl, aliens

This state I speak of, rehashing my youth, is amplified with the resting pitch Heather's voice modulates -- same as wyntirstale, the fall behind the YouTube series A Rose grows in Harlem

Not to often, but from time to time, THAT is amplified again with phrases, key words, and just stuff that I relate to (from my youth.)
screenwriter, Kightlinger, hate

the tree growing outside my window is my only friends because it's the only one that...

the tree growing outside my window is my only friend because it's the only one that doesn't bring me headaches

So I found some candles and decided to light them on my window sill. Perhaps the tree can feel the slight heart the candles emit. But anyway, the trees just peak off the sill as I'm on the second floor. They remind me of 5G antennas.

Sometimes the show spins disco. I'm going to watch how the flames dance to something like Night Fever... Stupid, I know. But I have nothing better to do as my nights are lonely lonely lonely and repetitive repetitive repetitive.

Seems like the mood for the candles. Lit there of them. There was a murder in Minneapolis by a law enforcement officer. Watch this entry get removed from the Russians now.

Anyway, it seems like it really could be the end of the world, if not literally as a result of a dirty bomb or s.t., but I'm getting pretty old. Things just keep gradually getting older and achier, saggier and wrinklier.