July 30th, 2019


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How does the government do it? All machines are breaking down. First, the AC broke down at work. My typewriter is on the fritz at home. I tried to make my morning espresso today, and the Nespresso needs cleaning. WTF?

Oh, and I have one song replaying on a loop like a 'broken' record. Anybody else think the second verse of Uninvited, as performed in the music video by the Freemasons, where the indian-like chant kinda sounds like simple yodeling… anybody think there's verse there? Possibly: "Henry likes to hold then let go. Don't believe in his lies?"
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    uninvited - the freemasons

While listening, picturing Manhattan madam

My typewriter is acting funky. Maybe it’s a sign that I should change desk. Maybe get cozy at the drafting table, maybe take some guitar lessens from Heather.
I started listening to her show again because I missed her while she took a rather long leave. I might have to find extension cord for the IBM. I like the feeling you get when you’re jonesing for something because there’s nothing on TV. , nothing interesting in cinema, nobody to hang out with and be crazy, etc. and then the Kingfom of Nye radio starts up again.

A nice break from the looping which I decided to do until vacation day as a sign that working under 90 degrees heat is not different from working in a sweatshop.

Anyway, Heather is saving loads of money from all the movies I don’t give a shit about, but paying amazon for on demand contents. Thank you Heather.

Maybe I’ll explore the banner feature in this blog to see if I might spoof up a cool ad campaign for you.

In hopes I don’t lose readers, looping the silly freemasons’ song has me trying to commit to memory the lyrics to AGGRESSIVE PERFECTOR so I can try to follow along as I’ve been looping this song during commutes to and from work. Hold back your tears is what got me interested in this song while I take a break from work, life, everything else. There’s also the title. Cool title.