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The nite air differs for consumers

Here's a scan of the two different menus at a restaurant otherwise calling itself Good MicrobrewЖ. Last letter grade A received July 13, 2007. It's a stretch for me to say that they're overdue, but… gde

I call in my order as I read off the list from the cream color flyer/menu. They ask if I want fries or onion rings with that. "OK" When I get there I notice another version of their hand-out menu on white paper. I look up my order and see that the price is different. I begin to wonder if it's an updated menu with more current prices, but when I ask the maître d' which price I'll be charged, she says the lunch menu price (9.75). That's wonderful, but she also adds that onion rings are extra and blah blah blah.

I inquire whether there's some slight difference in the way the item is prepared because, I'm not a connoisseur and blah blah blah. She says that it is because one dish is a dinner item and the other a lunch item. That's the only way she could explain it, and it's the same way everywhere. I can see how that might be true, but lunch menus also tend to differ from dinner menus. I'm sure I wouldn't have made an issue out of it if this place hadn't made me wait for my order to be prepared from scratch. Apparently, whoever took the call got the order mixed and prepared me a different burrito. WTF? I must look like an attorney who can take as long a lunch break from work as I want. Maybe I acted like a baby. We all make mistakes, but I'm digging up some old receipts to see how many more mistakes I can find. Their burritos aren't going to taste any better to me during dinner time than they do at lunch time.

Ж Violations: 54) Deteriorated/unapproved materials
   47) Disrepair
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