June 1st, 2014


searching globally across blog platforms for idealism

You know I had to download the app NetNews to find a better way of reading my fav blogs. Besides that, I am always fascinated with the advancements a little programming can go as far as technology goes. I mean, if I could design my own app to do the things I do for publishing one's own typecasts, I would. Why the term "typecast" has only become trending within servers such as wordpress and blogspot is yet another mystery that needs some clarification. Shit, we do it here too (on lj)… at least I do.

Where is everybody?!

Understandably, lj hasn't been the most conscientious to it's American bloggers, but there seems to be some disturbance indicating that something is being done about it (short of just turning itself off and offering it's members the opportunity to backup all entries in pdf format. Or some such disastrous corporate decision. No, indeed they are doing their best to listen to their members about what they need.

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