May 17th, 2014On this day in different years

lj dodgers

And yet another saturday night passes without BIER in the least worried

Studio bungalo apartment, garage setting for old classic chevy pick up truck.
BIER, at same room, within his apartment, which is cornered with desks, has paused a moment to sit at the desk where his desktop computer is sitting. Cool contemporary jazz plays on the radio in the background.

And so on... and so on.

On the left side of the desktop computer is a flatbed scanner. In front of that, a sketch pad with envelopes of bills, an envelope of a photographic processing center.


Out of the radio speakers: really old LED ZEPPELIN songs.

BIER sits at drafting table with his laptop computer and Internet access.
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    KCRW - jazz and zep mix
hobo kelly


I went out for dinner. It's about time I give myself a break, I guess. I mean, after helping out me friend. Me trusty friend.

I carried some of her furniture way out there (to Sunland, Ca). Then she called and asked if I could help in delivering some stuff she bought thru Craig's list: A washer / dryer, a fully constructed IKEA dresser set, etc.

I paused a moment to reflect on my sorry as life. It's 9:53PM and I'm sitting here blogging tonight. Whutttt?