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trying out a new background image.
was about to update w/a typecast when a friend called to invite me over

wanting to learn how to make my scans appear trasparent. Looks that idea, may be placed in the waist side.. I'm kinda hoping... crossing fingers that this won't turn out like dinners and a movie.
lj dodgers

nap time

Usually, when I'm having a lazy weekend, I would eat a full meal for lunch and get the sleepy head syndrome. Siesta hour turns into several hours of Zzzz's. Today wouldn't have been any different other than that I chose to go out to eat. My friend isn't hungry right now. Hmmn, let's call her Deirdre. Yes, Deirdre wants to have a nap before we go.

I didn't want to wear my battery down typing all this, so I asked if I could use her laptop to fool around online. I truly have no intention of taking a nap right now.

I thought of going home, but when I ran that by her, Deirdre announced her disagreement. She'll let me take a walk, though. She would expect a pack of cigarettes when I returned. I've been following the saga of kinky_carter as she is writing about her ventures to relocating from her shared apartment with two other roommates, to Los Angeles.

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