June 9th, 2013

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Quills, ink wells, drawing table. Stuff…

Quills, ink wells, drawing table. Stuff another week in hell demands to recharge from hellion treatment at work

9th June, 2013 © blanket sin – "web lank"

I would've blogged this with more pix, but my projects have taken so much out of me, having a camera taking footage would require a hired photographer on-call.

It took 2 years to get my maidenhair ferns to grow fully in two separate pots. I decided, since the bikes away getting an oil change, that I would put them in the ground; so, I went to Home Depot and brought 200 lbs. of sand, dug a hole about 12 inches deep, 2-1/2 yards long, etc.

I got that done last weekend. The project pretty much gave me confidence that my wrist was feeling better from the Carpal Tunnel symptoms I was having, and the sand would serve two purposes. The base of a potted maidenhair fern should be layered with sand. I saved a little sand to temper the feathers I brought back last year from my trip to Wyoming.

I heated the sand in an empty soup can to about 180. I think I was suppose to get it to 220, but it seems to work just the same. I stuck the writing tip of the feather into the sand about 3 inches and let it sit there while the sand cooled for fifteen minutes. Today, I carved out the nib.

Now that my wrist seems to be doing better, the next step is to calculate how big I can ink the letterhead logo so that when I photocopy it, I can shrink it down to the proper size. Math, ugh. That's down the line, I think, though. I'm not going to use the quill for the final copy, although the quill definitely gives my logo a unique look that I wouldn't be able to achieve with regular metal calligraphy nibs. We'll see what happens.