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It seems just as I received The shock doctrine from the library to finish reading it, I became swamped with other material (while waiting). I've still got stacks of info on the California Condor which interested me only for their pictures. Now, they are an ugly bird and one has to wonder about being reincarnated as one of those ugly mugs. But there's an even more gross picture of a bald spot on their breast that apparently protrudes from underneath their feathers whenever they have a full meal. It's red, like a heart.

My point is this, I'm a sucker for love. I try to grasp what they see in each other. The whole ordeal with these birds, which made the LA Times this week incidentally, is whether they can repopulate each other to healthy numbers. But what do they see in one another? They cuddle, which is cute. I imagine an old couple that's been married 50-sum years cuddling against one another. That must be what they see in each other. After all, there are some loony archaeologists who believe that the tyrannosaurus, or some such creature, evolved into birds. Could it be that these birds, who resemble a creature from the stone age quite easily, see in each other the devotedness their species had with one another? I'm sure tyrannosaurus were quite the bombshell in their day.

I thought I really liked this bird as one of my favorites in the world, but after seeing the gigantic heart shape bosom they display, I know I'm going to have to work hard to get a t-shirt made in two colors. I need to come up with a catchy phrase. Who knows how long that's gonna take.

I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW THE LOCAL LIBRARY shortened their loan periods back down to two weeks. It's the 70's all over again. Needless to say, I returned my book on wreconomics because there's still a readership for that compilation of information. I got as far as chapter 16.

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