July 1st, 2012


I seem to be hearing things now

I went to the corner restaurant to have a drink. It's a popular spot and the background noise, regardless of the elevator music inside, dominates. The couple sitting next to me have their conversation, and, it's the dudes voice that I can manage to hear (out of context). So ever phrase I hear from him, I replace with whatever I'm thinking about.

For instance, Friday's dinner party had me seeing an ex-gf that I haven't seen for eons. Everybody had already started eating and I just fig'd she would be a no show. But I intended to stay til the end. Finally she pops her head in and announces that she could only stay awhile.

I did send her a txt msg, after all, warning her that I'd be there. I say warning because i knew she was reluctant to meet with me as I had attempted to request dinner/lunch/coffee by phone when I last spoke to her in 07.

She greeted the honoree, said hello to some of the other peeps in the room--I caught her eye glancing my way from time to time--and then asked "Where's Chuck?" Her other co-worker, i guess. She couldn't have possibly meant that to be directed at me, about Charles Gapusan.

I hesitated as she seemed to be headed out, and got up to walk close enough to extend me hand "it's nice to meet to you again". Then she stepped out of the small room to look for Chuck (another member og the honoree's invitees.) I guess she found him because she ended up coming back into the dining room. I like to think that all Chuck and Ana spoke about were simple hellos and catching up idle chat.

So the couple are talking amongst themselves, in the restaurant where I ate tonight. He says, "Just look at him" and suddenly I'm imagining Chuck's words to Ana that convinced her to come back into the dining room room were "Just look at him", which might explain her obnoxious behaviour in acknowledging my presence. She posed no interest of knowing anything at all and simply described her children and her mom's condition to Chuck and his wife.

This year, my excuse from Jury duty will be...

PSEUDOBULBAR AFFECT (PBA), emotional lability, labile affect, or emotional incontinence refers to a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary crying or uncontrollable episodes of crying and/or laughing, or other emotional displays. PBA occurs secondary to neurological disease or brain injury. Patients may find themselves crying uncontrollably at something that is only moderately sad, being unable to stop themselves for several minutes. Episodes may also be mood-incongruent: a patient might laugh uncontrollably when angry or frustrated, for example.

Hell's angels: a strange and terrible saga

I'm still at mid point in the book, but my mind doesn't seem to be distracted with other things anymore.

Here is a sentence I'm quoting off page 135.

We were city boys, intruders, and under these circumstances the only neutrals were the tourists, who were easily identifiable

The purpose for the quote is to give myself a short break from reading. I also want to reflect on something as a result of trying to plow thru the remaining pages. When I recognize a word, while reading, I'll sometimes replace it with its alternative. In this case, the quoted text above, I might replace the word identifiable with ID'd, but it comes to my attention that ID'd is the literal abbreviation for identified. The same sentence would not read correctly with the word identified. Watch: We were city boys, intruders, and under these circumstances the only neutrals were the tourists, who were easily identifiabled

Why then does it sound awkward, and therefore incorrect, to say: We were city boys, intruders, and under these circumstances the only neutrals were the tourists, who were easily ID?