May 24th, 2012


laundry day has me uo at 5am

I try to wake up early on laundry day.  I heard a forecast fir possible rain Friday, so today was the only day left this week to get it done.  I try never to do it in the weekend because then I would be leaving for the laundromat while it's still dark outside, 4am, to avoid the weekend rush.


I don't have too much dirty laundry. I guess it can wait. It's going to have to wait since my neice's car is in the driveway and i can't use my truck.

To lighten the mood, I'm sharing this pic I took at my sisters house in Arcadia.

heaven et hell

Mosquito season

The other day, I reveived one of those emails from a reunion site. It was my ex-girlfriend from middle school.

We exchanged phone numbers and I called her midway back home from a pizza place after meeting a friend from work there. Sitting on my bike chatting and catching up on things, a mosquito landed on my arm. It wasnt there, on my arm, fir more than five seconds when i shewed it away. Next day, i have a bump on my arm. Oh, how it itches. To scratch it, it feels leathery, as if the bump is a callous.

It's a reminder of standing outside a baseball diamond park called Tommy Lasorda from 6:15 to about 8:00. I am not certain what the time was when my phone warned me of its low battery life, but it was already dark; hence, all the mosquitos out and about.

So, the very first girl I ever kissed called me. She is apparently divorced now, with one daughter. She described to me how she still had my phone number stuck in memory, and when she called, she was told she had the wrong number.

That was my mom who answered the phone. Collapse )
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