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Omg must've had you guus worried. Jeez. What a commotion. Dogs all barking and shit. I'm home safe.

gotta find a way to get enough sleep for the ride tomorrow, if the weather is right. I hear there's a possibility for high winds.

You don't even want to hear if what my experience was, with absinthe, for the first time. No thank you.

I'll pass!

Thank you very much. Blah, blah, blah.
hobo kelly

So it's the next morning...

I feel, not hung over, but still buzzing a bit from the absinth spritzers I had last night. Two of 'em. Wow! What a high.

I tried to post last night. On my way home, walking, as I only live a couple blocks from where I went, an accident occurred between a taxi and a beamer. I don't know who was at fault as I was busy taking to people hanging out at a popular corner in town. I say popular because there's a smoke shop there where pot enthusiasts can buy their pipes and what not.

So I'm pretty much shit faced and shit, telling everyone how I feel whenever I pass this particular intersection, how I half expect to be approached by somebody selling weed. I'm not a smoker, so it doesn't come very readily.

And as we're chatting, boom! Taxi meets BMW. I wanted to take pictures, but lighting sucked. Now, 8am, I'm concerned about heading out to the rendezvous 35 miles away. I'm fine. I only had a couple. Everything else I drank was beer, maybe 4 tops. It's been a good ten hours of sobriety, so I know I'm not tripping anymore. It's just, jeez, what an experience. I didn't like it. Whatever happened to ordering good food with a couple beers and just hanging out? I met the DJ. Sorry, I forgot his name. I told him, WTF? How about some Slayer, and he said "if you can find the vinyl, bring it on". That was cool. I'll be looking for vinyl at aomeba when I get a chance (I can never remember how to spell that. ) aomeba.

So anyways, what a night.

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