November 15th, 2011


Adam and eve crepe

Revo stuff this crepe with cheese, feta if my spelling is correct. I think it also has some kind of ham. I always get the lunch special with a small bottle of coke. yesterday I ordered from a trailer food truck at Topanga meat market, and I had a Boyle of something called Savila. That was so disgusting. I'm hoping todays brunch erases the memory of yesterdays lunch from my mind.


jeez. Mohawk Bend isn't on the virtual map yet. wussup?

I'm back at the Mohawk Bend after that terrible experience with the pumpkin flavor beer. It was either that or the pizza, so I'm not taking any chances (I'll never eat another pizza at this place again). Meanwhile, they have this artichoke I want to try. Tonight was not the night for that, though.

I had a sandwich described by my waitress -- is that word still used these days? -- as a burger made of duck and pork. It was good. I could live on that stuff.

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