September 22nd, 2011


google. is it down?

I can't log into my google account. Just this morning I created a google map that I was able to share thru google+ (by signing myself on)
Is google down. I don't remember requesting to reset the password. I know I know what my password is, and the reason I refuse to reset it is because my cell phone is logged into all sorts of google crap, half of which I'm probably not aware I signed up for. If I reset the password, then, not only could I find myself having a freaking tantrum attack by experiencing the same type of trouble I'm having now (total darkness a to the reason I can't sign in), but then I'll have to memorize a completely different password. I have so many already.
I already explained to Co worker how my paranoia works. Since the workers here at work are scheduled to get their own official company email address this month, and google recently took over the email accounts used by the city of Los Angeles, where I work, I can't help wonder if the two are linked.
I remember when google was easy to use. It's now a maze that I can't figure out. Can you imagine what kind if hell I would be in if I tried to merge the company email account into my phone? I'm already juggling a Yahoo account, a hotmail account, an AOL account, a lycos account, an excite account, and probably a couple more. What do we even need witha company email account. Nobody uses them anyway because they're ask afraid of being eavesdropped by their employer. WTF!


google, a continuing saga

It's become obvious to me that I've gone and locked myself out of google for 24 hours. My phone is still logged on, so I simple have to wait until tomorrow to try to log myself back in. since I don't work tomorrow, I don't really have a way of accessing the Internet to do this.


can somebody tell me how I can adjust the line breaks in the livejournal mobile application.


The google debacle will have to wait until Saturday. Or I could make arrangements to eat breakfast at an internet café. Maybe I'll do that.


September 30, Friday

Three films, maybe 4, will be released at the end of September. While the weather ha been cooling down, I don't really see a need to hang out anyplace other than home to get out of the heat. So the question comes down to which movie should I go see?

These are the three I'm considering. Tucker & Dale vs evil
The trailer looks hilarious, like a parody of final destination except without the heads up that anybody is doomed.

What's your number
The trailer didn't do anything for me to be truthful. I'm just an Anna Faris fan.

Take shelter
I haven't got a clue why I want to see this movie other than to say I thought Michael Shannon was amusing in revolution road in which he plays a recovering nutcase who just got released from a looney bin.


Burger king coupons

Discount coupons come in so many different shapes and sizes. About ten years ago, a coupon had more value because they catered to the customer. Now it seems coupons are designed to benefit businesses. An example of this is seen in the value gained by such establishments at fast food restaurants when consumers are given the option to receive a free sandwich, or whatnot, when they but one at regular value. Does this ploy nullify requirements of instilling responsible diet considerations to prevent obesity?

More important, I thought the food products at food establishments were required to be fresh. What is it about a whopper that makes it taste stale and soggy after reheating it in a microwave oven. Plus, did you know it's cheaper to buy a value meal if you can't stomach a burger by itself, without fries. They don't accept the purchase of a value meal as part of the requirement that's expected to be met by the consumer to receive their free item. So, if you buy a burger at regular price, adding to that a side of fries and a soda costs more than what you would've spent had you gone to Burger King without the coupon.

For every coupon I stumble on, I think I would be better off simply maintaining my bragging rights that such and such company sponsors my creative projects by simply estimating the monetary value of a discount and owning it. I see plenty of bloggers who must be doing the same thing because I would not pay them a scruple, if I owned a franchise, to place an ad on their Web sight to promote whatever I sell.

I'm not good with numbers, so we can forget about that idea. Ooh, even if it means I can get free money to buy stuff. I really like buying junk I don't need. A shiny new telescope? To gaze at the new constellation ophiuchus?

THE SKY IS FALLING, haven't you heard?