April 11th, 2011



… a word from our sponsor

The last post I just made was brought to us by Sanyo. Don’t recycle your old phone after you upgrade. Keep it in a safe place, becuz unless you have insurance that covers lost phones, it’s a heck of a lot of money to buy a brand new phone. I’m using Sanyo (old as fuck technology) dual-band SCP-5300.

What I like about this phone is the fit. It fits my hand like a glove in that, when calls come in, I can flip it open almost blindfolded. No, make that blind. Period.

Now if I can get something like this refurbished so that it recognizes my wireless backup account, that would be great.

Now we return you back to the regularly scheduled stuff.
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Tavern on Brand

I made regular entries while I was at Tavern. There was a snafu and nothing got posted. So sorry.

I was just going on about asking waitress about a drink called Damned if you do but according to one of the ingredients, neither of us could figure out WTF was HOT DAMN.

8. Damned if you do
(shot. Alcoholic)
Ingredients: Whiskey, Hot Damn

So I settled for a Deerslayer. I let her know how much I liked her Deerslayer in her tip.

After starting in on it, I must’ve gulped it down as fast as it took to pick up my payment. I wrote this after I got tired nursing the ice cubes.

Advertisement at Tavern on Brand

$5 Dos Linda tequila (any flavor shot)

with purchase of BEER TOWER