July 23rd, 2010


free association

When I’m at work, I find myself with pen in hand trying to get the ink flowing nice and porously. We’ve got red papermate pens that are probably decades old. So, instead of just scribbling loopy lines onto paper, I try to write the first word that comes to mind. I use the cursive style “sutterlin” so that, if anybody asks me what I’m writing, I can say I’m just scribbling loopy lines to get the ink flowing nicely on these old pens.

Clifford the big red dog. Woof. Attack dog. Lassie. Showing fear. Sensing fear. A dog talks at Belmont. Wolf pack. Blusette. Fine-ass blond. Tap that ass. Freak teeth. Elmer Fudd. Entry on food. Search. Scarry scrawny fuck. Men in black Surveillance. Read more...Collapse )