July 21st, 2010


Class of '82

So do you recall one day when you went to the beach? It was more with a group, like a ditch day in high school. There was another occasion when we were at the beach (Santa Monica Pier) and it was only me, my gf and my gf's bff with her bf. Four people. I'll never forget it because it was the day when I got busted for cutting class. I never did remember how the hell I got home that day.

But that's not the day I'm recalling here. I'm trying to describe the day when a group of high school students all cut class, sorta as a protest about something. The destination was the beach and this time the small click was me, my high school sweetheart, her other friend and I think we had been searching for her friend's bf. Or something like that. I don't remember seeing him there. I think his name might've been Greg.

There I was lying in the sand without a beach blanket. Just plopped on my stomach with my head over my crossed arms to avoid eating the sand. My gf on my left and her bff on my right. They thought I was asleep when I could feel my gf's hand caressing my butt. Not so much a caress, but a rather soothing brush of her hand from my back down to my butt. I hadn't looked up and just let the petting continue while she chatted with her bff. To this day I don't know whether the hand against my butt wasn't hers and her bff. It almost seemed like a way for her to justify that she was dating a junior, somebody two years younger than her. What I mean is, what she seeking acceptance for dating me from her friends by sharing my butt with them? That's what I think of now when I dwell on having been dumped by her for rumors that I was cheating on her.

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Opening image of BS beat sheet

A fly on the wall. As the fly takes flight, the camera follows it past employees in the bldg. It searches for food. It follows it's senses. When it finds the source of the food aroma, it makes a sweep over it. It makes multiple sweeps over it only to be shewd away as an intrudor by an employee. Frustrated, the fly makes one last fly-by. It attempts to get as close as possible as it had ever before in previous fly-bys. When it comes to the point when it is directly over the plate of food, it shits on it in mid air. Camera makes close up on the fly turf where it landed on food and follow portion into the mouth of the employee.

hasn't this ever happened to you? Aside from the dump which the fly takes in mid air, I always wonder whether this isn't actually the purpose for a fly who seems to fly past one's food continually despite previous efforfts to land.

Blast! I have to find a way to include this scenario in the first 5 minutes of screenplay which I'm writing using a manual typewriter.

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