April 26th, 2010On this day in different years


work hours

Now that hours are reduced, it’s like old times. All co-workers are at work pretty much the same time everyone else is at work. Still no DSL. I miss it.

Saw Kick ass. Funny flick. The little girl is cute, the way she curses and blows people’s brains out with her automatic. Wish I knew more about guns to tell them apart.

I miss updating my blog daily

I use to get a big kick whenever I updated my blog with an entry. It made me feel light years ahead of computer challenged people who used their machines for generating print outs of their manuscripts for submission to publishing firms. Here I was e-publishing on the fly. Now that I have no DSL service, submitting my thoughts for consideration to publishing firms doesn’t seem like a bad idea after all. I can still sneak in a few minutes of on line suffing from time to time. The best part is it’s free. Who woulda thunk I could epublish while piggy backing off the free DSL from the local library, or a nearby wifi café… Now I feel so much more superior over my old self who use to pay about $60/month for the luxury to epublish. Yeah, I’m desperate for DSL whenever I do get around to surfing the web (and it shows), but all that money I’m saving is feels oh-so-good. Plus! I save a lot of web surfing time by not defaulting to the computer when I’m bored out of my mind, like when there’s nothing on TV. I’m thinking I’ll finally be able to hack out that screenplay and handle myself around an electric guitar much better from here on forward.

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